Texas Real Estate Agent?

Texas Real Estate Agent! Really? You’ve got to be kidding. Almost there but there is still sooooo much to do. I could place so much stuff in this post but I will not do that to you. See, I originally wanted to track each step of the way on this blog but this proved harder than I thought.

So far, I have completed four of the six classes needed for the educational requirements. I completed them in the order listed below:

  • Essentials of Real Estate Finance – 14th Edition
  • Texas Law of Contracts – 2nd Edition Updated
  • Texas Promulgated Forms – 2nd Edition
  • Modern Real Estate Practice in Texas (AKA “Principles I”) – 17th Edition

Real Estate Lessons Learned

  1. Finance Class – Never take it first! The pace of the class is so fast and there is a TON of information. It was like trying to drink from a fireman’s hose.
  2. Contracts – The test is easier to pass when you are given the correct test questions! Longest two hours of my life. This made me think, “what did I get myself into?”
  3. Promulgated Contracts – We were told this was the newest class because TREC realized that rookie Real Estate Agents did not know how to properly complete a contract. This class actually turned it around for me. Really, it’s a fun class.
  4. Principles I – I was told by teachers, brokers, and other students chapter 7 “Real Estate Law” is the one too focus on. Very boring as it is all about law. SEVEN-NINE pages of almost nothing but law code is nothing for a lawyer but real estate agents are not lawyers. At least that is what they keep telling us. The instructor made it really fun. I think his southern accent, no-nonsense slow speech pattern, dry sense-of-humor, and his method of tying stuff together made it very enjoyable. Plus he compared himself to a PIMP!


It is very exciting when I think about all the possibilities. However, I have to keep my eye on the prize – get the Real Estate License first.


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