I Was Hacked!

This site was recently hacked! I had to log in and remove all the pages the hacker added and clean up a few things but compared to what could have happen it was not all that bad.

SWWhittle Site History – Briefly…

This domain has been registered for 8 years and 10 months at this writing. During that time, I have never really made a commitment to develop it. I used it for a while to test my coding skills. Then I left it alone until late in 2013. At that time, I set up a WordPress install on the domain and was indecisive with what I wanted to do with this site. Did I want a business web site or a Bible Study site?

Since I was a pastor of a start-up church, I used it for a few things I was doing in ministry. Although I was not convinced I want to use it for that purpose I found myself using for that purpose. So, I started posting some Hebrew studies on it. But deep down, I still wanted to use it for business purposes. I created a podcast that could be used for either/or. (See the picture to the right for the podcast artwork.) I was still indecisive. I begin developing this site as a membership site but I was going to use biblical study courses. Everything seemed to be headed in a certain direction but I was still uneasy with where it seemed to be headed.

Then a MAJOR transition occurred in my life..

After, twenty-two years of serving in ministry I was told that had to make a decision. That decision was about my Hebrew studies. I was told

“If you believe this is God’s will for you then you will have to pursue it somewhere else.”

I said, “okay. I will”.

The rest of the conversation is not important to this post. However, it lead me to being unemployed and in a tough job market. So, what does that story have to do with a hacked website? I guess without realizing it, one is a metaphor of the other.

My Hacked Life…

Sometimes, life is like developing a website. I bet you thought I was going to say like a box of chocolates. Didn’t you? When you are developing it to lean towards one area stuff beyond your control happens and you need to stop and re-elevate which direction you are headed. I’ve had to do this several times in the course of my life and I find myself in a very similar place today.

After a few years out of ministry and in the “secular business world”, I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with this website and how to do more than make an income. Although I work with a great non-profit organization in El Paso, Texas I still feel like I need something more than what I am doing.

My wife and I have discussed several options for moving forward. She wants me to go back to school and finish my degree> I am not so convinced. Someday I will complete the degree but not sure it is time right now.

My Decision Is…

I’ve decided that I am going to continue working at a great non-profit and work on getting my real estate license. This website will be the place where I am going to discuss my journey into real estate. BTW, if you are wondering about the spiritual stuff I am continuing to learn Hebrew and Judaism, too. Yes! I still believe is Yeshua (Jesus). My Biblical Studies are now posted at www.SWWhittleStudyBible.com.


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