Who is this Scott Whittle Fella?

Hello, I am Scott Whittle (S.W. Whittle) and I want to welcome you to my corner of the virtual world.

S.W. Whittle

My Professional Picture

Personally I enjoy reading and discovering new insights in the Scriptures and this is the one place in the world that I place those treasures.

It is here that you will discover insights into the familiar and unfamilair passages of Scripture, Bible topics, Hebrew, Greek, and English word studies, Bible Translations insights, Hebrew roots information and of course books that I will recommend for your reading and studying enjoyment.

I was in full time Christian ministry, since I was honorably discharged from the Army in November 2003 – more than 22 years. The last 3 years I was pastor. About eight months after I stepped way from ministry, I join the prestige AmeriCorps organization Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA). After my contract was finished, Project Amistad decided I was a member they wanted to keep. I stepped into the role of the Veterans Navigator for the “Amistad for Veterans Program”.

I live in Horizon City, Texas with my wife, Laura and our beautiful daughter, Bethany.

Sometimes I pose questions on my Facebook profile or Twit my thoughts about things. Recently I started my Google + profile if you are interested in talking there.

So What Is This Website About?

Currently, I am revamping this site. The current articles and items will be moved to by other website decided strictly to the study of the scriptures, it’s located at Whittle Study Bible.

12/14/17 Update

Today, I completed my fourth Real Estate Class at The Real Estate Academy in El Paso, Texas. After the class I came home on worked on some things I want to develop for this website.